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About Flooring Markets

Discover what makes our markets the premier destinations for flooring industry professionals

Flooring Markets: Southeast, Southwest, and Gulf Coast are the leading buying markets for the floor coverings industry.

Experience the Flooring Markets!

Source Regionally. Grow Exponentially.

Over the past decade, regional events in the flooring industry have become the preferred way for buyers to source new products and connect directly with their suppliers. In the wake of COVID-19, the Flooring Markets will be redesigned to abide by all local, state, facility, and CDC recommended safety guidelines.

The Mission of the Flooring Markets is to be the regional resource for product innovation, education, networking and growth opportunities for dealers and designers in the flooring industry. Top flooring brands exhibit at the Flooring Markets to present their new products and cutting-edge solutions to push the industry forward.

Regional Events Moving the Industry Forward.

The trend in the tradeshow industry is smaller, more intimate events where buyers and sellers can spend quality time meeting to discuss business – all while experiencing the exciting places that our markets are held. Buyers appreciate the convenience of low-cost, close-by regional markets, as they are able to attend while not leaving their own stores for long periods of time nor facing substantial crowds and high travel costs. Exhibitors value regional shows because they are able to gain exposure with strong, quality buyer attendance, take advantage of low exhibit costs, and accomplish a high ROI.

Grow Your Business In 2024!

The Flooring Markets are your first chance to see all things flooring in 2024. The exposition floor at each flooring market showcases the industry’s leading brands and their newest products, trends, equipment, installation tools and techniques, with hands-on demonstrations. The smaller nature of the Flooring Markets allows for critically needed business to be conducted in a controlled environment.

Your safety and well-being has always been a top priority of ours. Please be sure to visit our Safe Visit Initiative to learn more about all of the safety measures we’re deploying to ensure you a comfortable market experience.