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Exhibitor Highlight: Mohawk

Photo Credit: © Mohawk®Flooring.

At the Flooring Markets, we welcome brands of all sizes and scopes to showcase the best of their products and demonstrate all of the latest techniques and business practices that place them at the top of the industry.

One of the bigger vendors our attendees can look forward to? Mohawk Industries! With several other brands under the company umbrella, Mohawk offers a huge selection of flooring products from carpets to luxury vinyl.

The Backstory

Since its first debut in the industry in 1878, Mohawk has dedicated its resources to manufacturing high-quality products that its talented employees can all be proud of. To this day, the company is still based in and operates all of its carpet production out of United States facilities, providing innumerable job opportunities within the field. Mohawk is also dedicated to green business and manufacturing practices that put it at the sustainable forefront of the industry, and guarantees the company a steadier future providing the best flooring for all of its loyal customers.

With more than 30 categories of flooring products, Mohawk’s network of brands has one of the most extensive inventories in the industry, not to mention the backing of one of the most trusted brand names to support it. Buyers, designers and builders will find what they need to serve clients, whether that’s hardwood, stone, carpet, or something completely new.

See Mohawk at the Flooring Markets

This year, Mohawk’s annual dealer meeting will be co-located with Southeast Flooring Market (SEFM), held in the ballroom adjacent to SEFM’s space. As such, the company has doubled its exhibit size and hotel block to accommodate what it expects will be a much larger market! You will also see Mohawk at Southwest Flooring Market (SWFM).

Want to be the first to see what Mohawk has to offer in 2020? Register to attend the Flooring Markets today, or contact us with your questions about the markets.