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Exhibitor Highlight: MSI

MSI is one of the leading distributors and importers of tile and stone in the U.S.

They are launching a new Everlife LVT Collection to add to their array of product offerings.

This collection will add upon the introduction of Cyrus Series. The planks are 100% waterproof with a longer and wider design. They also will come in 8 different colors to give your home a lively design.

The Back Story

MSI first joined our markets in 2019. They exhibited in our Southeast and Gulf Coast Flooring Markets as well as participated in the Southeast LIVE! demonstrations. We are thrilled they will be returning to exhibit in Atlanta and Biloxi in 2020.

For more information on their new line, visit:

Visit our site to learn more about MSI in our markets and how you too can exhibit with us.

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