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Southwest Flooring Distributors

Booth #
  • Southwest Booth: 108
406 Regal Row
Dallas, TX 75247
(972) 214-5511

Southwest Flooring Distributors has humble beginnings since 2006.  It was founded on the belief to have quality limited inventory available to our dealer community based on a mix of Carpet, Vinyl and Hardwood flooring.

We are service oriented 1st with ample inventory of the best-selling colors and qualities available to the industry.  Nothing is ever out of style and everything is affordable for all levels of dealer and vetted flooring contractor.

Some may consider us an industry disruptor as we do not try to be everything to everybody.  Our narrow focus of deep inventory and reliability set us apart.

We sell and stock the most current color pallet of Residential Carpet and Commercial Carpet Tiles

New fresh inventory of the freshest looks in Waterproof Laminate flooring will be the talk of the show in 2024. – This will be under the brand Dwellscape.

Finally – our inventories of our best selling rigid core products – i.e.  Waterproof SPC are reloaded for a heavy  1st quarter 2024 product relaunch while our current 2023 inventory has finally hit our docks.

Adhesives – Underlayments and carpet cushion make up our sundry line up which has no competition when it comes to price point.  We exceed the competition in that environment.

Lastly – We are the new appointed Sales agency for SLCC flooring – a small sampling our aligned products will be on display at our booth this year.