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Flooring Markets Move Forward With Heightened Safety Measures In Place

Flooring Markets move forward with 2021 events.

The Flooring Markets will be moving forward with our 3 markets taking place in the first quarter of 2021. Health and safety have been critical components of planning the upcoming events. Our preparedness plan with comprehensive health and safety guidelines and protocols will provide attendees with the safest experience possible.

Additional safety measures include:

  • Increased hand sanitizer stationspositioned through-out the convention center
  • Increased aisle widths to help promote safe physical distancing
  • Daily, heightened cleaning of all public spaces, exhibit halls, meeting rooms and registration areas
  • Designated buyer hours for “at-risk” attendees
  • Arrival appointment times to reduce congestion at the entrance and on the market floor
  • Contactless registration processwith pre-mailed badges
  • Directional traffic in order to help manage traffic flow and encourage physical distancing
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to design open booths to allow for open entry and exit points
  • Exhibitors and buyers are encouraged to make appointments so that there is enough meeting time to show all needed products, features, and order placement


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