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How to Generate More Booth Traffic

Our 2020 Flooring Markets are right around the corner and we want to ensure you, as an exhibitor, make the most out of your market experience with us.

To ensure you receive an incredible ROI, it’s key to actively attract booth traffic to your exhibit space to generate new leads.

Trade Show News Network provides a great article about ways to increase that buyer traffic during market.

Connect With What The Buyer Wants

When attracting buyers to your booth, keep in mind the outcome they are looking for when attending market. They want to increase their company sales and overall sell more inventory. Our #SELLMOREFLOORING campaign is exactly what this is- using messaging that gets straight to the point to connect with buyers on what they want to achieve.

Offer Something Unique & Fun

Buyers are drawn to an exhibit space when something special catches their eye. Offer a product demonstration, game, or show specials during market. This will spark an attendee’s attention and have them engaged. This will also add to their market experience and give them something to remember your company by.

It’s important to stand out among competing exhibitors. Give your buyers a memorable experience while building strong relationships.

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