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Safe Visit Initiative


Designed with your safety in mind.

Health & Safety Measures at the Flooring Markets

Shaping Your Experience.

Your health and well-being has always been a top priority of ours. Now, more than ever, we are raising the bar to ensure we provide the cleanest and safest possible market for you.

Our Commitment To Your Protection.

We all understand that networking and group behavior has changed. Our markets are redesigned to provide you the opportunity to conduct business in a monitored environment.

Enhanced safety measures

What We’re Doing to Keep You Safe

Our floor plans and common areas have been adjusted to ensure physical distancing measures for all guests based on the city, state, federal and facility guidelines.

Our team is working closely with all of our facilities and event production partners every day. Masks will not be required at the 2024 Flooring Markets.

Market Floor Plans

Physical Design For Face-to-Face Market

Our markets and floor plans have been redesigned to provide you with a comfortable experience:

Market Floor

The 2024 Flooring Markets will continue to adhere to local, state, and facility guidelines as well as CDC recommendations to ensure safety is top of mind. Our market sanitation and safety standards will remain in place and will be updated as required.

Code Of Conduct

Attendees and exhibitors will be required to adhere to the Attendance Agreement & Code of Conduct Policy for all markets. Click below to review.

Safety Measures

  • Sanitation stations will be located in key areas around the market floor.
  • Our floor plans and common areas have been adjusted to ensure physical distancing measures.

Inquiries & Suggestions

If you have suggestions for ways to make our markets safer for all attendees and exhibitors, please contact your sales rep:

Angela O’Reilly
Email Angela
770-559-0293 ext. 3

Kathy Sullivan
Email Kathy
770-559-0293 ext. 9

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