At this time of global concern, the health and safety of our communities, customers, and team members are of the utmost importance to us, and we are committed to the overall well-being of the industry. We understand the impact COVID-19 is having on those who surround us and are fully committed to supporting those in our community. Know that you are not alone as we face this crisis together. Click here to read about the measures we're taking to make our markets safer.
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Safe Visit Initiative


Making our markets safer for all.

Join us for a safer market experience.

Shaping Your Experience.

Your health and well-being has always been a top priority of ours. Now, more than ever, we are raising the bar to ensure we provide the cleanest and safest possible market for you. 

Our Commitment To Your Protection.

We all understand that networking and group behavior is changing. We are researching the best practices and focusing on creating opportunities and environments that foster connection, while ensuring you feel confident that your health and safety are front of mind.

Redesigning our markets

Pre-Event Communication

Safer, cleaner, better. We are looking to adjust our floor plans and common areas to ensure social distancing limitations for all guests based on the city, state, federal and facility guidelines.

Our team is working closely with all of our facilities and event production partners to ensure that proper hygiene and safety standards will be put into place. 

Future Market Floor Plans

Physical Design For F2F Market

It’s important for us to look at redesigning our floor plans and focus on key areas such as:


  • Limit number of registration desks and staff, all properly outfitted for safety concerns
  • Contactless registration methods
    • Installing plexiglass between registration staff and guests
    • Sending pre-registration badges in advance via email or mail to allow buyers to bypass check-in
  • Stagger badge pick-up to avoid long lines and traffic
  • Frequent sanitation of countertops, equipment, publication bins, etc.
  • 4-6 feet distancing per person as we plan our registration area
  • Provide Sanitation Kits

Market Floor

  • Install floor decals to ensure proper safe and physical distancing with 6-foot spacing
  • Sanitation stations
  • Increase number and width of aisles
  • Directional traffic
  • Designated buyer hours for “at-risk” attendees

Meeting Etiquette

  • Physical Distancing
  • Refrain from close contact: hugging, hand shakes, high-fives
Market Food Offerings

In-Booth Catering & Concession Stands

  • Offer only boxed and pre-plated options for takeaway dining
  • Stagger dining times to minimize groups
  • Incorporate immune-boosting food and drink items for sale

Inquiries & Suggestions

If you have suggestions for ways to make our markets safer for all attendees and exhibitors, please contact your sales rep:

Angela O’Reilly
Email Angela
770-559-0293 ext. 3

Kathy Sullivan
Email Kathy
770-559-0293 ext. 9

Covid-19 Industry News

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